Festivals and Celebrations


2014 4 12 Hanamatsuri 009

Hanamatsuri, the celebration of the Buddha’s birthday, is celebrated in the Spring.

Obon Festival

Obon 8-8-09 001

The Obon Festival is one of the most important Japanese traditions. We celebrate the return of our ancestors’ spirits by dancing and having traditional Japanese food. It is open to the public and draws participants from as far away as Hawaii.

The Obon Festival is also our most important fundraiser of the year. We hope you will support the Sangha by attending and/or buying raffle tickets (you don’t have to be present to win!). Click on OBON FESTIVAL for this year’s flyer.

If you like to golf, we are having a golf tournament which starts in the morning, and ends in time for you to participate in the Obon. Click on GOLF TOURNAMENT for more information.

Gassho! Namu Amida Butsu


Our bonenkai celebration is to “forget the hardships of the old year” while “being grateful for the interconnectedness” one has experienced this past year.

Our Sangha enjoys our annual potluck after the Bonenkai service. You are all welcome to attend, and bring your favorite dish to share. Our Dharma School students will showcase their performing talents!

The following is a poem that was read by Jared Ando at the December 2012 Bonenkai  Service:

Fortunate Birth
By Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche. (A Buddhist Teacher)

In the kingdom of children
Every one of you is this child,
An innocent being
Who jumped out of heaven
And landed in Shambhala.
Fortunate birth is who you are-
Everything is perfect in your world.
Your clothing is the mist of heaven,
Your feet covered by dragon’s breath,
You are the most fortunate beings on earth.
You are the children of dharma.
Nothing can close your open heart.
Other children suffer, caught in perpetual dilemma—
Because Buddha has touched you,
You are fortunate.
Be dharmic now,
Be powerful now,
Be benevolent now—
Not for me, not for others—
But because that is your blood.
When you feel privileged, use it.
When you feel ashamed, pounce.
Consume that hesitation—
It’s only a flicker of your imagination.
You are the blessed people on this earth. Every atom of your being is
Buddha—What’s left is joy –
You have no excuse;
Don’t sulk.
You can be sad, for sadness is the most genuine expression.
Expression of goodness is who you are. Being a child of dharma is dilemma.
Being a child of dharma is freedom.
Consume this hesitation of not knowing.
Never doubt,
Only walk forward.
Love everything,
For that is why you are here.