Las Vegas Buddhist Sangha Testimonials

I enjoy the wealth of information I receive from the ministers that bring to us the Dharma message, and working with the Sangha to create an enjoyable environment for our worship.

Harriet Huber

We moved to Las Vegas in 2001 from Thailand. Other than my aunt and co-workers, we didn’t know many people in Las Vegas. We especially didn’t know many Buddhists. We knew of the Las Vegas Buddhist Sangha because of my father Rev. Art Takemoto, and my Aunt Yo Abe. We used to take my aunt to Las Vegas Obon every year before she passed away in 2003. Through a friend, we finally became members in 2006. Through connections with the Las Vegas Sangha, I was able to find a teaching job with a Charter School in Las Vegas and through this experience I was able to help start a new Charter School. The connections and networking we have been able to do with Sangha members has been helpful to us, and we enjoy the friendships as we don’t know many people in Vegas. We enjoy attending the Sangha services and helping out at events such as the Obon when we are able to. We are excited to see the Las Vegas Buddhist Sangha grow and develop and we will try to help and support the Sangha whenever we can.

Alan & Oh Takemoto

We first came to the LV Buddhist Sangha about 2 1/2 years ago. We have 3 kids and are lucky to raise our family in such a fantastic atmosphere. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming.  We especially love having the variety of all the visiting ministers from different temples.

The Kurashige Family — Jim, Gay, Nicholas, Jimmy, & Chelsea

I have attended every one of the new classes our Sangha has had. Being raised as a Buddhist all my life, with the exception of my rebel years as a young teen. I am amazed at all of the teachings of the Buddha, that I have yet to learn. I have attended 2 classes that Reverend Turner has taught. The first Class on “What is true Happiness?”, I really enjoyed it and it kept me coming back for this second class, “Buddhism in Everyday Life.” I hope there will be more classes. Even being a senior citizen I still have a lot to learn.


The messages are clear: How to use Buddhism in everyday life, in one’s relationships, and in making one think about what brings a peaceful quieted mind.


After 20 years of listening to sermons from many different ministers, I had very little idea of how to apply Buddhism to my day to day activities. Rev. Turner’s classes have given me a new perspective on my relationships and goals. I encourage everyone, Buddhist or not, to attend these classes. You will be happier, and have better relationships with all those around you.


I have attended all of the classes provided by the Las Vegas Buddhist Sangha and have thoroughly enjoyed every one of them. They provide very informative and practical information on every day life. The lectures have been very interesting and I love the questions posed too. No matter what your religious preferences are, I think everyone should attend these wonderful lectures.

David Hopper, Ph.D.
Hopper Institute

The Las Vegas Buddhist Sangha has had an amazing impact in our life. The services, classes and members have helped us get a better grasp on Buddhism itself, let alone how it all fits together. It also brought awareness of the value of embodying the great compassion of Amida Buddha in our daily lives. If it weren’t for the Las Vegas Buddhist Sangha we wouldn’t have been able to have our baby girl Hatsumairi (blessing ceremony) of the first visit a baby makes to a shrine. The Las Vegas Buddhist Sangha has been OUTSTANDING experience!

Yoshikawa Family